J-Review: Java based web version of I-Review.

Top 25 disease areas

These disease areas are NOT in order.

Type 0 panel referenced, but no JOIN LOGIC has been defined

JReview Server error: Type 0 panel referenced, but no JOIN LOGIC has been defined

Solution: recreate the report from scratch.
Because: You created an importsql with Expected Frequency 0 Not patient related. Created a report. You added more column(s) in the import sql and changed the Expected Frequency to > 0. You tried adding more columns to the existing report. You get Typo 0 panel reference error.

J-Review and SpotFire Comparison

JReview and SpotFire Comparison:

Feature Jreview Spotfire
Graphic Patient Profile End-User can create on the fly. Require IT Support help
Patient Review Tracking Keep track of patients reviewed. Not Available.
Tabular Patient Profile Spreadsheet-view with ‘New Data’ hightlights Not Available.
Formated Patient Profile PDF-view. Similar SAS output. Can be scheduled as Batch-run Not Available.
Patient view Can view Graph and Spread-sheet view of patient(s) Better than Jreview’s view. But requires IT support help.
SAS as Data Source Available Available (bit slower)
Date wise Patient report Available Not Available.
Graphical view Many type but still not pretty enough Better looking Graphs
Risk Assesment Available Available
Benefit Risk Analysis High level overview of benefit and risk of the trial Under construction
Baseline and Endpoints Can be defined at the study/project level by an Admin Can be defined for each report.
SAS programs Can register and execute SAS programs Not Available.
Patient Narratives Wow.. Factor! Not Available.
Multi-study analysis Can choose more than one study One study at a time.
Output Same as above. Can work and save output for multi-study One study at a time.
Setup Built based on the Clintrial and OC-like product Vanila. Tell the where the views are.

How to pass user-entered (Parameter) values in to JReview ImportSQL?

'&prompt' with quotes would return error
‘&prompt’ with quotes would return error if you have a succeeding and-clause

How to pass user-enterd (Parameter) values in to JReview ImportSQL?

1) Add &PromptText (for number) or ‘&PromptText’  (for Char and Date)


 Select Study, Site, Patient, SubjInit, Sex, Race from DM  Where Sex = ‘&EnterSex’

Bug:  You cannot add succeeding “another Where clause” or “space” or “Enter key” after the ‘&prompt’.

Where sex = ‘&EnterSex’ and Age > 18

But it would work for Numerical Prompt. Where age > &EnterMinAge and Sex = ‘M’

2) Add <prompt=>

Instead of using &prompt, you can use <prompt=>.


How to run Trace Debug in JReview?

  1. At the logon screen, click the ‘Advanced’ button and check the ‘Debug’ checkbox.
  2. Log in as you would normally, and perform the series of steps in reproducing the issue.
  3. Log out of JReview.
  4. Restart the JReview client.
  5. DO NOT LOG IN.  Click the ‘Advanced’ button then click the ‘Bundle Server/Client Logs’ button.  This will prompt you to select a name for the bundle file.  Select a location and enter a filename for the resultant log bundle ZIP file.  Error messages may appear during the creation of the log bundle, please dismiss them and proceed to create the log bundle.

How to run a Trace for I-Review?

What is IR Trace: You got an error message. IR hangs up.   Unable to produce reports, Don’t know what caused IR to misbehave. Trace is where you get the details for debugging. This is what IR support team wants to see when you report a problem.

Follows these steps to run a Trace:

1. Close any open IR session.

2. Locate review32.ini file (Generally located under c:/windows/review32.ini )

3. Open the file in notepad.

4. In the [client] section of this file, add the line TRACE=ON  (as shown below)

5. Save the changes. Close review32.ini file.

6. Log in to IR as usual.Go through as minimal steps as possible to reproduce the error message(s). Click ok through all message boxes, then immediately log out of the application.

7. Under the client installation directory (default c:/ireview) you will find an objstore subdirectory. In that subdirectory, you will have a trace.log file.8.  Send trace.log file to IR support , along with a brief description of what steps you took to get the error.

Please note, running a trace in J-Review is different.