Which company uses what clinical application?

Do they use this? what do they use? how do they do it?  Can’t we find anything better than this?

We want to come up with list of applications and companies which uses them.  Here it is List of Pharmaceutical Companies. Say,

Oracle Clinical – Genentech, Pfizer, Radpharm, Corelabs, Paraxel

Remote Data Capture – Pfizer,

Clinitrial – Merck

InForm –

J-Review –


Cognos –

We can pivot table by company too.   You know what, a matrix table would be great.

Disclaimer : None of these details verified. None of these companies are associated with us. Trade and registered marks are their own.  That is nothing to do with us.


What is a Univariate discrepancy?

What is a Univariate?
− A discrepancy automatically created by
OC during Data Entry or Batch Loading
− When the data entered is not the
expected data according to the specified
− Data Type and Partial Date are the only
types of univariates for which we can
modify the question attributes to
influence the univariate discrepancy

Responses Table in Oracle Clinical

Oracle Clinical stores all values to questions in a table called the
Responses table.
The responses are stored either in Value_Text or
− Data is stored in VALUE_TEXT if the data type, length, format
and value is valid.
− Data is stored in EXCEPTION_VALUE_TEXT if the data type,
length, format or value is not valid.
attributes of the questions.